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Ways to Manage Stress

Check out these 42 tips to help you out when times are tough.

  1. –Don’t promise what you can’t deliver.
  2. –Learn to manage your emotions; instead of letting them control you.
  3. –Cultivate a sense of humor.
  4. –Resist perfectionism.
  5. –Resist micromanaging (of yourself and others).
  6. –Get the sleep you need.
  7. –Try getting to work 10-15 minutes early.
  8. –Take regular breaks.
  9. –Take a walk at lunch, or do some stretching exercises, or jumping jacks, or something.
  10. –Don’t overdo the caffeine.
  11. –Don’t skip breakfast or lunch.
  12. –Learn to recognize symptoms of stress (anxiety, headache, anger) so you can nip it in the bud.
  13. –Make some friends/allies at work.
  14. –Talk about your stress, to somebody.
  15. –Pay attention to your breathing; slow it down, deepen it.
  16. –Post some family/friend photos (or other images that make you happy) in your workspace.
  17. –Focus on the now (i.e., don’t agonize over the past, don’t panic over the future).
  18. –Take some alone time.
  19. –Find harmless ways to vent; e.g., cry, or punch a pillow, punch a sibling.
  20. –Vary your routine.
  21. –Stop trying to multitask.
  22. –Remind yourself of what’s really important in life.
  23. –Brush up your skills; become better and faster at what you do.
  24. –Make sure you truly know what is expected of you (you may need to talk to your boss).
  25. –Try looking at situations from different points of view.
  26. –Seek work that suits your personality.
  27. –Learn to say “no.”
  28. –Always have a fallback plan (a “Plan B”).
  29. –Get better organized.
  30. –Clean up workspace clutter.
  31. –Stop procrastinating.
  32. –Make your workspace as ergonomic as you can.
  33. –Wear clothes that are comfortable and that you look good in.
  34. –Try some “positive affirmations.”
  35. –Learn to manage your boss.
  36. –Meditate/pray/contemplate.
  37. –Avoid negative people as much as you can.
  38. –Write down the things you like about your job.
  39. –Make a list of all your achievements in the last year.
  40. –Get clear on your life goals and take a step, no matter how small, toward those goals every day.
  41. –Learn to love… love brings happiness into the lives of people whether its romantic or friendly.
  42. –Play with animals they always cheer you up, with their unconditional love.